I'm thrilled that you've discovered Gravitas and even more excited that you want to know more about it! This blog is still in it's early stages so please do bear with me as I slowly build up it's content. The Prologue and the First Chapter are both up for your reading pleasure if you'd like to get a sense for what the story's about. Down below I'll try to provide answers to some questions you might have:

Q:  Why can't I read the next chapter?

A: I'm working on each chapter individually. While I do have a high level outline done and know how the story will eventually end, each new installment has to be worked from start to finish before it's finally published.

Q:  Why do chapters take so long to come out?

A: Mostly, because this is a really serious hobby of mine rather than my day job. I usually work on this blog after work and on the weekends. In addition to that, making all of the different art assets that accompany the text also takes up a good bit of time.

Q: Why is the art so important? Why not just put out the story?

A: To me, the art is going to be a big part of this blog's entertainment value. Because I intend to have a large cast of characters that come and go, it seems helpful to literally put faces to the large number of names that will come and go from the chapters. I think it will also offer a different sort of aesthetic than what you might get from just reading a novel and I feel like it's important to offer something a little different so that the experience is worthwhile to anyone who might venture here.

Q:  This isn't going to be one of those things that starts off free and then you have to pay for is it?

A: No, while I do plan on putting an add widget in the footer of the page, I don't have any plans to suddenly shift this story into an eBook that I'll sell nor will there be a subscription to this blog or anything like that. I think the format I've chosen to tell Gravitas really only lends itself to a blog so even if it does really well, I have no interest in turning it into an eBook.

If this story is well-received upon it's completion, I would consider eventually turning into a paperback since some people prefer that format and I would still be able to control the more visual aspects in that medium. If I ever do offer the paperback edition, though, I would still want to keep the blog up as a free digital option.

Q: What inspires Gravitas?

A: There are lots of things that you might be reminded of when reading gravitas. Some of the artwork may make you think of comic books. Some of the overarching themes are inspired by real as well as fictional world politics, religions, and events. There are a substantial number of works in both the science fiction and fantasy genres that will probably inspire everything I ever right including: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, various mythologies, and the works William Shakespeare. The fact that I'm a massive nerd probably helps a little bit too.

Q: Is there any particular agenda or point to all of this?

A: Not really, no. The goal for me is simply to create something I can have fun making and will hopefully be proud of once it's done. My hope for any readers who are kind enough to stop by is just that they are entertained. I'm a strange guy with strange ideas and a lot of thoughtful questions about the world and how it works. I use writing to help explore some of those questions and ideas, but I'm also just extremely passionate about storytelling in any form. If even one or two people enjoy joining me on my bizarre adventures of fictional speculation, then that's a huge win for me. 

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