Please note, this is a living list that will change and grow as new chapters are added to the blog. For the purposes of not spoiling anything, I'll only place terms here that are relevant to content that has already been released.



The All Powerful

What the Hyunans call their deity who also happens to be the narrator of Gravitas. While bearing striking resemblance to the Judeo-Christian God, it is important to note  that this is in fact a character of complete fiction who will continue to evolve along with the story.

A human-like race of people. Though they often think of themselves as being a noble and scientifically advanced group, the reality is that neither the financial nor technological wealth is especially well distributed among the larger population. Most of the prosperity resides in the continents of Juun and Tybatta though even in those more well-to-do nations, there are still those who live in poverty.

nan (plural: nen) 
The term used to identify a male Hyunan.

wonan (plural: wonen)
The term used to identify a female Hyunan.

The Clergy of Eleven (The Clergy for short)
A group comprised of the highest ranking members of the Church of Light. At any given point, there are eleven active members, one of which holding the title of Lux Primera (first of the light)

Lux Primera
A title given to the leading member of The Clergy of Eleven. The position is voted upon by members of The Clergy. It holds public and religious significance in equal measure.

The Sundance Corporation
A juggernaut in the artificial intelligence industry as well as in general hardware manufacturing. It's ability to product cutting edge technology has yet to be rivaled by any of their competitors.

A race of people who primarily take up home beneath the sea, though some do live among Hyunan cultures on land. In general, they are not well beloved by their Hynan counterparts. They are often criticized for their lack of faith in The All Powerful, the stereotype that they are violent, and even their physical appearance. They are also mocked for having fish-like gills on their necks, green skin, and a generally amphibious appearance. Most Fendaren are proud to be born as one, however, and see the Hyunans as a blocker to their evolution. 

Landborn Fendaren
A subset of Fendaren culture consisting of those who were either born or have lived most of their lives upon land. These Fendaren tend to feel estranged from both Hyunans and Fendaren cultures since they technically belong to neither group. Their harsh living conditions often lead these Fendaren to a life of crime as a means of survival, a behavioral pattern that only serves to perpetuate the unflattering stereotypes set against them.


A race of sentient machines developed by the Sundance Corporation under Project Eiden.


The Juun Empire
A sovereign comprised of four continents unified under the rule of one emperor. This dynasty has a long history of conflict and strife which may very well serve as the basis for it's undoing. 

One of four continents in the Juun Empire. It is the wealthiest and most technologically advanced of the four as well as the center for both the central government and the principal religion of the Hynan people.

The most destitute of all four nations under the Juun Empire. It is infamous for its dirty city streets and rampant crime. It is also the empire's primary hub for factory work which is largely the reason why the emperor tolerates its many shortcomings. 

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